The Executive Branch for America is an educational program designed to equip future conservative leaders with the knowledge they need to start affecting policy on day one of a presidential administration. Americans of all stripes have seen all too clearly the power that unelected bureaucrats hold over public policy, and how hard it can be to actually make a difference in the federal bureaucracy.

This free resource from the American Cornerstone Institute teaches people about how the Executive Branch of government operates, so that conservatives are prepared to fight the deep state from within. The lessons include: the powers of the president; responsibilities of the cabinet-level agencies; how to impact regulation and policy; the budgetary process and more. Participants will get an inside look at how the White House interacts with the cabinet-level agencies, and the steps involved in actually getting something done.

EBA features exclusive interviews with former high-ranking Executive Branch officials so participants can learn from the experts who worked in and with the White House. These lessons and the expert testimonies from those who have been in these positions before will give future civil servants and conservative leaders a leg-up as they enter federal service.

In addition to the EBA 101 certification courses, ACI also offers several different supplemental classes for those who want to further their education and become even more familiar with the inner operations of the federal government. EBA will not be a dormant program, and ACI will continue to add meaningful course content via additional courses and interviews for a long-term continuing educational experience.


The American Cornerstone Institute knows that in order to DRAIN the swamp, we need to TRAIN people
on how to take on the swamp. The Executive Branch for America is a free resource developed by the American Cornerstone Institute to train, educate, and equip civic-minded conservatives on how to effectuate change upon entering service in the federal government. These interviews, courses, and curriculums aim to prepare the next generation of conservative policymakers to work quickly and efficiently upon the beginning of a new administration.

ACI will continue to add meaningful course content via additional courses and interviews for a long-term continuing educational experience.


As all conservatives know, the federal government is a tangled web of offices, rules, procedures, regulations, and so much more, all of which can be summarized in one word: BUREAUCRACY. Understandably, entering the federal government can be an overwhelming proposition. The EBA courses and curriculum will teach you everything you need to know to hit the ground running on your
first day, so you can immediately make a difference and won’t have to spend the first several months trying to learn the ropes of federal service. The user manual is already here for you!

These courses were developed by the people who have served in past presidential administrations, so they can pinpoint the most important things to know, as well as what they learned, what to avoid, and what they wished they’d have known going in.

In addition to these online lessons, the American Cornerstone Institute will complement the curriculum by holding in-person training days with former presidential appointees and various conservative thought leaders in order to further build upon the lessons and offer participants an opportunity to ask the experts the questions that are on the top of their mind.

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