Dr. Ben Carson

Public service is a worthy and noble endeavor as our founding fathers designed this system of government to be for and by the people. While the morals and values may sway from time to time given political elections, the gears must continue to turn with a dedicated workforce to execute the will of the people and achieve the common good. The United States needs prepared, hardworking, and loyal private citizens to assist in shepherding her values and defending her interests in our Great American Experiment.

The Executive Branch for America is a project of the American Cornerstone Institute (ACI) which was founded by world-renowned neurosurgeon and 17th Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson.

After serving our nation and the American people faithfully for four years, Dr. Carson is now working to ensure there is an organization fighting for the principles that have guided him through life, and that make this country great: Faith, Liberty, Community, and Life. Dr. Carson has proven through his example and policy making that solutions guided by the principles of faith, liberty, community, and life are effective, and will point our nation toward the common good.

Throughout his life, Dr. Carson has broken through barriers and has paved major roads in our political arena, both in Washington, D.C. and in communities across the country, and he’s not stopping now. A champion for logic and common sense solutions, Dr. Carson will always stay true to his principles and his faith, providing consistent leadership during this volatile time in our nation.

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